If you have bad credit, looking for car finance, Truck Systems takes pride in offering convenient & friendly service to all of its customers. We extend our service to providing car loans and vehicle financing.

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Vehicle Finance

Car Loan application made easy with Truck Systems Vehicle Finance.​​

Bad Credit

Bad Credit Vehicle Loans are hard to get even in good economic times. In tough times like now, Bad Credit Vehicle Loans can be next to impossible. Just because you might have poor Credit doesn’t mean that we can’t help! We operate alongside vehicle finance companies from each end of the spectrum and can assist those customers who might already have been declined from other vehicle finance organizations. Why settle for second best and still drive the car you want. At Truck Systems, we check your credit, but unlike most credit suppliers like banks, we don’t automatically throw out your application if you’ve had some problems in the past. We look at each application on its merits and we’ll often work with borrowers who don’t have perfect records.

Friendly Service

Truck Systems offers vehicle finance with flexible terms, competitive rates and fast approval times – both direct to you if you’re looking to purchase a vehicle through a private sale, as well as through a nationwide network of motor vehicle dealers. Talk to our team of lending experts and find out the best car loan structure to meet your lifestyle. We work closely with a team of car loans credit and documentation specialists. Your transportation finance representative will guide you through the vehicle financing process - from application to closing - so that you can quickly acquire your vehicle and the repayments can be structured in a way that suits your needs.

Car Loan Application

Found the car of your dreams? Need competitive car finance? Applying for Car Finance has never been easier. We deal with most major car finance companies, & also have finance available. We can help you get the vehicle you want, on your terms, without leaving your home or office. We understand your need for a reliable, value added financing source - one that knows your business, your industry, your vehicle & the importance of responding quickly to opportunities. Truck Systems car finance lets you buy the vehicle you want. We can offer you a tailored loan so your repayments fit in with your budget. It's quick and easy to apply online, & our interest rates are competitive. Truck Systems lends you the money for the vehicle & the vehicle then serves as security for the loan. You may not even need a deposit.

Approved Loans

Once your car loan is approved, the repayment amounts are tailored to suit your lifestyle and the interest rate is fixed for the life of the vehicle loan. We offer flexibility so you can choose how long the loan lasts (up to a maximum of seven years) as well as the repayment frequency – weekly, fortnightly or monthly. It's important to think about how the vehicle loan will affect your budget. If you increase your payments or choose a shorter term you can save money because you'll pay off the loan faster. And once you’ve built up a good payment record with us, you may be offered loan top-ups, payment breaks and the chance to extend the term of your car loan – making your finance even more flexible.

Benefits of car finance with Truck Systems

  • Competitive interest and lending rates
  • Pre-approved vehicle finance or New Lending
  • Flexible terms from 6 months to 6 years
  • Fast approval times usually within 2 working hours
  • Payment can be credited electronically to a bank account
  • Top customer service with simple online application form

Eligibility and requirements

  • Your vehicle is required as security
  • Regular income and a New Zealand resident
  • You must hold a restricted or full driver license
  • You must be 18 years of age or over to apply for a loan