Heavy Machine Service

Specialist in Heavy Equipment Maintenance, Repairs, Overhaul & Compliance

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Prompt service and high quality support actively promote our commitment to have machines operating again with minimal downtime for each client and breakdowns are given priority. Our service includes auto electrical, air conditioning, hydraulic and mechanical work. Our experienced staff also travel to you for all services you require for heavy equipment including loaders, excavators and bulldozers.

Our service includes:

  • Repairs & maintenance to all earthmoving machines including loaders, excavators, graders, dump trucks, etc, including crane repairs.
  • We offer earthmoving machinery rebuilds for vehicles that are beyond a simple repair job.
  • Repairs and maintenance to all diesel vehicles, from Bobcats to loader repairs.
  • All machinery brands catered for such as Komatsu, Cat, Hitachi etc.
  • Repairs and replacement of all major machinery components.
  • Maintenance planning & Air-conditioning repairs.
  • Assembly and dis-assembly of earthmoving machinery.
  • Total Fleet management; we offer a convenient mobile service.
  • Let us do what we do best! Allowing you to do what you do best!

Heavy Machine Service Plan 

Change Engine Oil (OEM) Check Lights / Horn Check Axles & Drivelines
Change Oil Filter (OEM) Check Power Steering Fluid Check Charging Rate
Change Air FIlter (OEM) Check Steering Rack / CV Boots Check Suspension Cross Member
Change Fuel FIlter (OEM) Check Transmission Fluid Replace Wiper Blades
30 Point Check Check Washers & Wipers Tyre Tread Depth Conditions
Check & Adjust Brake Check Cabin Fluid 9 Point Hydraulic Check 
Check & Adjust Tyre Pressure Check Clutch Fluid Check Blades & Bucket Conditions
Check Air Filter Check Coolant Hoses Check Boom Arm Pins & Seals
Check Airl Line & Hoses Check Dash Warning Lights Check Hydraulic Cylinders /  Ram
Check All Belts (Excl Cambelt) Check Diff / Transaxle Fluid Check Hydraulic Hose & Fittings
Check Battery Check Exhaust System Condition Check Hydraulic Oil Tank
Check Battery Hoses & Lines Check Front & Rear Wheel Bearing Check Hydraulic Tyre Pressure
Check Brake Pads / Rotor / Drums Check Radiator Cap Check Hydraulic Pump
Check Coolant Level Check Windscreen Check Ring Gear & Swing Table
Check Exterior Lights & Indicators Greasing /  Doors / Hinges Check Tracks & Rollers

(Special Conditions: All water  & electricity to be provide by customer for mobile site visits; Price of  Parts are not included)