Truck Systems Mobile Mechanics are fully equipped with a variety of tools, equipment and parts necessary to be a mobile workshop for various service and repairs.

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Forklift Maintenance

Regular forklift Service planned by us and conducted by a specialist technician, in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedule. Each inspection includes an oil change, lubrication, checks and adjustments, for a pre-agreed price. The inspection report lists the maintenance operations and is aimed to prevent major break downs. Truck Systems draws up a parts and labour quotation for any extra work that is recommended before any work commences.

Regular service of the forklift will optimize the availability of your forklifts and minimize the risk of damage and major repairs. A complete repair & service from the Truck Systems will allow you to focus completely on your business and have peace mind.

We Service both mechanical and electrical forklifts Break down repair service, Service electric forklift batteries and charging units. Reduced operating costs and Optimum use of the truck, improved cash flow and No surprise invoices and Higher resale value for the forklift.

Some of our services includes Rear Axel Rebuild, Lift Cylinder Rebuilds, Supply install lift chains, rebuild & install front Mast. Brake service, Transmission Rebuild, Engine Head gaskit  service. Rotator remove service and install & New Forl Supply and fit.

We have fully equipped vehicles with 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year on site emergency mobile support to our customers. No job is too big or too small. Whatever it is you need, we will find the best solution for you! We offer extensive range of forklift service & maintenance options, all of which are designed to meet specific requirements.